Road Trip with Nikki Blaze

One of our conquests during our road trip was this cutie Nikki Blaze. It took a little convincing to get Nikki up to our room but Billy is a great closer and he got the job done.  This was Nikki’s first time being a whore on camera, but by her cock sucking skills she’s been practicing for this day for a long fucking time. You can tell the difference between when these whores suck dick because their being paid and when they truly love sucking cock, Nikki is one of those whores that loves to swallow man meat. We splattered this little southern cum hog and hopefully she enjoyed her first “porn” experience.




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Dana Marie dirty girl

Dana answered an ad we put on craigslist looking for chicks to film while we were on our road trip. I’m always amazed that chicks will come to some stranger’s hotel room, let them fuck her bareback on camera, sign a release and all for a few bucks.

Dana had one fine tight little ass, we knew sh was a dirty girl as soon as she walked though the door. She might not be the best looking slut we’ve ever tagged but she made up for it by being a fun little bitch, and all for $50, how sad.

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Madisson says I Love Dick

Any girl that walks in wearing a tiny skirt, fishnets and a tank top that says I Love Dick is going to be one fun fucking pig! Yes
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Veronika Raquel Swallows


Meet one of my favourite whores Veronika Raquel. She has aspirations of being a porn star, she has the look, she talks the talk, gags on the cock, too bad she’s one of a thousand whores out there with the same skills. This slut puts on a great performance and I hope sh makes it big, until then she can come back here and fuck on cam for lunch money as much as she wants. The end of this scene is fucking classic, she takes a face and mouthful of cock sauce and then gets pissed some landed on her shirt, priceless!

Xana Star


Xana calls herself an exotic dancer, oh shut up bitch you’re a stripper, and your sanitary engineer boyfriend is a fucking janitor! I’ll give the porn star wanna-be something, this chick sucks cock and takes a face and mouth full of cock sauce like a pro.

Heather Pink Tiny Slut

I’m a big fan of Heather, she’s been around the online porn scene since the early days. Most of the girls we get are amateurs and we break them in, this time Heather is here to show my buddy Daemon the ropes and take his “on camera” virginity away.

Heathers deep throating and gagging skills were a little too much for my boy, the dumb fuck popped too early and even worse in the condom, sorry Damon but your first porn performance was an EPIC FAILURE! Don’t worry boys I saved the day and popped all over Heathers pretty little face.

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