From the sick fucks that brought you the fun loving porn site Biohazard Bitches, we welcome to our newest creation CumHogs V2! Cumhogs was started in 2001 by a couple of twisted fucks that put little ads in newspapers all across America looking for girls to splatter with baby batter. Now we've taken the site over and are slapping pig snouts on these cum loving pigs and turning them into true CumHogs!
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Talk about fresh off the farm, this tall 21-year-old girl next-door cutie from Orlando Florida has only done a few scenes, is she in for a fucking surprise. Breaking in a newbie with natural D cups rocks, we’re obviously not cracking virgin territory here but when you deal with as many whores as we do Erin is a close as it comes. Even with her complete lack of experience sucking cock on camera you can tell she’s been practicing for this gig for a long time. Looking down and seeing those big green eyes staring back up at you while she’s balls deep on your cock it’s hard to keep from popping all over her face too quickly. As cute as she was when she walked in it was nothing compared to the way she left… teary eyed with a face and pig snout full of cock sauce!
We have the ultimate fuck pig for you guys this week, our favourite and freakiest Cumhog, porn star Kelly Wells. This bitch has been sucking and fucking on camera for over 3 years and has the skills to pay the bills. We skull fuck Kelly until she’s gagging and drooling all over her slutty self. This bitch loves the cock, in her mouth, in her pussy and in ass; shit if you could find a way fit it in her nostril I’m sure she’d lets you slam it in there too. Kelly wears her pig nose with pride, snorting and oinking while gasping for air as we slam cock all the way down her throat. You’re going to love watching her big green eyes swell up with tears as she takes dick ball deep into her pie hole.
Any girl that walks in wearing a tiny skirt, fishnets and a tank top that says I Love Dick is going to be one fun fucking pig! Yes gentlemen, she actually showed up at our door dressed like a retarded schoolgirl hooker. Madison claims that if sucking cock was an Olympic event she’d win the gold, unfortunately for her there’s no metal waiting for her when she’s done swallowing cock, just a pig nose and face full of sperm. Madisson has a smoking hot body and big green eyes, and has that perfect porn look when she looks up with her mouth filled with man meat, you can tell this chick has plenty of whore experience and is a perfect Cumhog candidate.


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